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Onto the second race of the season and another pool swim triathlon. A local triathlon this time and one that I managed to win last year. I was back to try and get the fast twitch fibres motoring again and put in another solid performance. The swim was frustrating, as there were a few slower swimmers in the same lane. I had to swim around 12 metres underwater off one turn to avoid two other swimmers. Not much else to say about the swim and I exited the water in 5.21 and into transition. I again used my Giant Propel Advanced Pro 0 Disc for this race and it didn’t disappoint. The transition went pretty smoothly, with no issues and out on the bike I went. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsors, Tredz for providing me with such a comfortable and fast bike.

The bike course was flat with some undulating sections, so I knew I had to give it everything I had over the 16km route. Out and back with an extra turn around point on a roundabout, before heading back into transition. I had heard that a few people had, unfortunately, come off their bike at the last roundabout. There was a drain cover right on the corner and as it was raining all morning, it was very slippery. I made a conscious effort to take a wide line around the roundabout, taking no risks. Back into T2 and off the bike in a time of 24.30. T2 was also a smooth transition and off on the run I went. My family were

watching, as they always do and shouted to me that my wife Catrin, who was also competing, was just in front of me. As I ran past Catrin, she shouted as she always does ‘Go Nath.’ I always tell her to save her energy and just run, but I know she has so much fun during triathlons, that she cheers on other athletes and even has conversations with the volunteers during the race. I got to the turnaround point and started to make my way back to the finish. The return leg is a lot easier than the outward leg and as I retraced my steps, I passed Catrin going the other way and you guessed it, she was shouting her head off again. ‘come on Nath, go go go’

Approaching the finish line, I zipped up my NFT Tri suit and sprinted across the line to finish the run in 20.00 flat and an overall time of 50.40, which was 23 seconds slower than last year.

I was glad to finish the race with a decent performance and my last pool based triathlon this year. Onto the more serious open water races next and I can’t wait.

My second year at Amman Valley triathlon and it is always a good season opener for locals. Great events organised by Noelwyn at Healthy Life Activities.

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