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2019 and turning 35!

This week I’m kicking off 2019, a little late, but I didn’t count last week as it was my birthday, I used that as an excuse to continue the festivities and probably gained another few pounds. This week I launch into 2019 and focus on my new goals and challenges.

2018 was a big year for me in terms of triathlon and even leading into Kona I was already concerned about what 2019 could hold or what I could focus on. Kona had been my goal from the moment I started triathlon, but I had set myself a 5-year goal to try and achieve it and qualification came a little earlier than expected. Achieving qualification and participating in Kona was the fulfilment of my ultimate triathlon goal so I didn’t really know where to go from here. I’ve had plenty of time off and thought a lot about what triathlon means to me and what is next.

I was lucky enough to get a slot for Challenge Roth 2019 and that seemed like a good place to start. It is a big race and one that many of the big names have participated in, it is known for the large numbers of spectators and the fun that is had there. I may never get a slot again so it is an opportunity not to be missed.


Last year I was a spectator at Ironman Wales and I equally loved it and hated it. It was the first time I had been a spectator at Ironman and I found it difficult to not be competing, but it showed me how special Ironman Wales is. The support and atmosphere there is like no other and for that reason, Ironman Wales is also on the 2019 race plan.

I have a created a bucket list (in my head) of triathlons, looking at where triathlon can take me geographically, as well having fun and experiencing new things.

I haven’t decided on my sprint/standard/half ironman entries yet but will finalise that this month. I will be racing less in 2019, on reflection, I feel like I raced a little too often in 2018 and want to scale that back this year.

I have set myself targets for the 2 iron distance races (Roth and Wales) and if I am able to achieve these, then I will be over the moon. Training has started and I am eager to put the work in that is necessary to give me the best chance possible.

In relation to coaching, I have a number of new athletes for the 2019 season and have a few slots still open for anyone who is interested. The athletes I have for 2019 all have different goals and targets and I’ve enjoyed working with them to create their race and training schedules. Team NFT will be racing in new kit and I’m currently working with designers on finalising this.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful 2019 and hopefully, I will see you on the triathlon circuit very soon!

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